Monday, January 17, 2011

Developing a weekly split routine

The first thing needed to develop an effective workout routine is splitting up the work over the course of the week (or a set amount of days). There are several ways to do this; upper/lower, by musclegroup, or push/pull for example. I found the most effective to be using the major muscle groups: chest, back, legs, and shoulders. Arms can be made into a separate day or biceps paired with back and triceps paired with chest as they are secondary muscle used in back/chest lifting movements. It is almost universal that people break down their splits by week, however I cycle my splits over the course of five days. Here is my current split...

Day 1 - Chest/triceps
Day 2 - Back/biceps
Day 3 - Legs
Day 4 - Shoulders/traps
Day 5 - Rest

Rest days are crucial in any workout regimen. This allows for the muscles to rebuild and the body to recover from the strain it has endured from the workouts. Over-training can occur if you do not get sufficient rest. I will post detailed info on my workouts for each day soon. Feel free to comment on what splits have worked for you.


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